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How to make debossed nike sports baller band silicone rubber bracelet,pretty little liars bracelet custom

lar cause. Some of the bracelets are used as proof that someone has paid admission to an event such as a concert or a carnival. Some wristbands are used simply as accessories or jewelry. These can be made of many different materials such as paper, silicone, rubber, and leather, which are some of the most popular materials used. We have huge ranges of silicone wristband to choose from. They are trendy, inexpensive jewelry items very colorful, durable and give comfort. These bands have become a fashion trend among youth. Silicone or rubber wristbands come in several colors and designs. The most popular colors are pink, red, yellow, and black. Silicone and rubber bracelets come in a solid ring that can be stretched to fit over a person’s hand and worn on the wrist. People often wear these wristbands to support their voice for a certain cause or show that they have donated to a particular charity. One of the most popular wristbands of this type is the yellow “Livestrong”. World-renowned bicycle racer and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong designed these types of wristbands. These bands are given to people who pay a dollar to his cancer charity and have become popular fashion accessories. As custom merch, personalized rubber wristbands will work great for your band because they aree low-prices. The lower the cost, the more your fans aree going to buy from you at your shows as opposed to t-shirts. Custom personalized rubber wristbands have become populare to bands for merch and promotion.             rubber-band-bracelets-how-topersonalized-bracelets-for-women

bracelet looks like with your message or logo. It is direct way to check if wording, colors of wristband and logo are correct. We are willing to make several mock-ups for your reference. The software for designing is CDR, so eps. or ai. file is appreciated for your logo. And there are variety of fonts for your choice. If the artwork get confirmed, we will proceed with it.   2nd Make the mould or film. A mould is needed for debossed, embossed, colorfilled styles. We make a mould and set it in the machine, the high temperature of about 200℃ will solidify rubber into the sharp of wristband. A mould is made from copper. A film is functioned like a mould but it is for printed wristband only. It transfer the ink to the surface of wristband as logo and wording. 3rd  Prepare the rubber material. A rubber wristband is mainly made from silicone rubber, and some other accessories like curing agent which solidify the soft rubber, and Color masterbatch which makes bracelet colored. We will mix these material evenly in a blender. It comes out a ball of rubber. We need to measure it into blocks of almost same weight which as much as the weight of a wristband. Normal size of 202*12mm bracelet is weighted about 6g. 4th  Produce wristband by the mould. As we mentioned before in 2nd and 3rd step, we will transfer  the blocks to wristband by a set of moulding machine of high temperature. When it cool down, it gets the characteristic of a wristband, smooth and strengthened. 5th Edge cutting. A semi-product of rubber wristband has rough edges, we have tpretty little liars bracelet customo cut it off. The rough edge is cut by machine. It will be good. 6th Color the logo and wording The wristband comes out from moulding machine without colors on the logo and lettering. We have to fill the ink or print the ink on the bracelet. Different style has different way of printing. 7th Clean the product As the wristband  has static electricity, dust will be on the surface and hard to move off. So we need to clean the wristband before packing. We usually wash it wipretty little liars bracelet customth water once. After washing, we will check the quality. 8th Packing and delivery We count the quantity by weighting. Normally packing will be 100pcs/bag, and 2500pcs/ctn.  Individual packing is available. It is good to go now.        where-to-buy-wristbands-near-mewhere-can-i-buy-wristbands

nike sports baller band silicone rubber bracelet

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