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How much is the general wholesale price of marble silicone wristbands+plain rubber wristbands

the band. It feels plain and smooth. It is suitable to design a colorful logo with the technology of overprint of tiny deviation. But the color logo will be easier fade away than the debossed inkfil one. Different logo can be printed by different method. The regular printing technology is silk print and Overprint. The ink is transferred to the substrate through the graphic part of the mesh via the extrusion of the scraper. The formation of the logo as the original text comes. That is the silk print. The advantage of silk print is that simple equipment, easy operation, easy printing platemaking, low cost and strong adaptability required. If the logo is of more that one color and the colors stand together , then the overprint works. In the printing andplain rubber wristbands dyeing industry, several colors need to be printed on the product , that is so –called overprint. The overprint color sequence should be made according to the features of the inks and the Superimposition rule so as to make the color of the printing close to the original.  

marble silicone wristbands

rds, patterns, text, and patterns. Custom goyard bracelet is wildly used for sports field, can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, etc., is a hot fashion jewelry; it is a low cost, high advertising effectiveness of advertising promotional gifts. Custom goyard bracelet are usually made of silicon. Environmentally friendly silicon materials are non-toxic and harmless. Custom goyard bracelet are the top promotional products of your company, institution or organization. People can choose their favorite color from the PANTONE color list, with more than 1,000 colors to choose from. Custom goyard bracelet can not only be made into a circle, but also into a special shape. A custom wristband can also be a watch. People can choose their favourite colors in pantone color chart, more than over 1000 colors for their options. Also custom goyard bracelet can be created special shape, not only in round. Custom wristband can be watch shape or other special shap.            custom-his-and-her-braceletsbulk-custom-bracelets

ake a rubber bracelet. Design the artwork. An artwork includes the information of order number, size, logo style, order quantity and other options like glowing and individual pack. It shows what the bracelet looks like with your message or logo. Make the mould or film. A mould is needed for debossed, embossed, colorfilled styles. It is made from copper. A film is functioned like a mould but it is for printed wristband only. Prepare the rubber material. A rubber bracelet is mainly made from silicone rubber, and some other accessories like curing agent which solidify the soft rubber, and Color masterbatch which makes bracelet colored. Produce bracelets by the mould. As we mentioned before in 2nd and 3rd step,plain rubber wristbands we will transfer  the blocks to bracelets by a set of moulding machine of high temperature. Edge cutting. A semi-product of rubber bracelet has rough edges, we have to cut it off. It is cut by machine. Color the logo and wording. The bracelet comes out from moulding machine without colors on the logo and lettering. We have to fill the ink or print the ink on the bracelet. Clean the product and packing. As the bracelet has static electricity, dust will be on the surface and hard to move off. We count the quantity by weighting. Normally packing will be 100pcs/bag, and 2500pcs/ctn.  

General size (adult): 8 "(L) x 1/2" (W) x 1/16"(H) or (202MM x 12MM x 2MM) Women"s size (adult): 7.5 "(L) x 1/2" (W) x 1/16"(H) or 190 MM x 12MM x 2MM) General size (children): 7 "(L) x 1/2" (W) x 1/16"(H) or (180MM x 12MM x 2MM) 61/2 "(L) x 1/2" (W) x 1/16"(H) or (165MM x 12MM x 2MM) The maximum screen printed and engraving area for adults is 7.677"X 0.334" The maximum area of screen printing and engraving for children is 7.00"X 0.334" As for width, commonly used are: 1/4 "or 6MM 1/2 "or 12MM 3/5 "or 15MM 3/4 "or 19MM 1 "or 25MM             bracelet-silicone-personnalise-montrealembossed-wristbands

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